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Re: Removing yourself as EOR

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In a message dated 12/12/2007 1:29:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, jeffsmith7(--nospam--at) writes:
I had a new building, when I came to the site to observe the wall
reinforcing I saw that the footings for an 18' retaining wall had been
shotcreted, not screed, no where near level, shotcrete was fired directly
into the footing bottoms and had mixed soil in with the shotcrete, steel
frame base plates and anchors were very displaced. The #9 wall bars had 18"
laps in some places. I was appalled. The Owner who was the designer signed a
letter removing me as the EOR, which was given to the building department.
They hired a new engineer and resubmitted new plans. I do not know what
corrections were made or if the contractor stayed on the job.

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Subject: Re: Removing yourself as EOR

Lloyd Pack wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm wondering if any of you have needed to remove yourselves as the
> EOR on a project, and how the process went?  How did the building
> department handle this?  At what stage in the process did this happen?
> Is it possible to remove yourself once plans with your stamp on them
> have been submitted and a building permit issued?
> If I need to be more specific in my question, then please let me know.
> Take care,
> Lloyd Pack
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