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RE: ASCE7-05 redundancy factor and wall design for Out-of-plane f orces

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If you have SEAOC Seismic Design Manual Vol 1, read page 69, item 7. It say the rho exemption applies to diaphragm forces (ASCE7 Eq 12.10.-1) only, not the wall anchorage forces of 1211. By the way, Section says it is Fp, which is exactly the term used in
Suresh Acharya, S.E.
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Subject: ASCE7-05 redundancy factor and wall design for Out-of-plane forces

ASCE7-05 Section 12.11.1 specifies a force equal to 0.4SDSI x weight of wall for the out-of-plane design of walls.  My question is: does the redundancy factor (r) defined in Section12.3.4 apply to this force?  Section says that r multiplies the horizontal seismic force from V or Fp; however, the out-of-plane force from 12.11.1 is not explicitly labeled as a V or Fp force as is the case for other forces, such as base shear, diaphragm design forces or anchorage forces.  I would like to know you opinion.





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