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Tilt-Up Wall Submittal Review

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I received a large package of information for a tilt-up wall building I designed.  The submittal was produced by Dayton Superior.  It includes a lot of general information on tilt wall erection and then the insert and bracing details for the wall panels.  I wondering how a submittal like this is typically handled by other engineers.  This is basically a “means and method of construction” submittal.   I didn’t design the lifting procedure, sequence, anchors, bracing, etc. 


I don’t think I should “approve” it.  I don’t think I should put a typical shop drawing stamp on it.  I’m considering sending it back with a letter stating I looked at it, I don’t take exception to anything and remind the contractor that they are responsible for means and methods of construction and I take no responsibility for the lifting and placing design.


Is that how others handle it, or is should I look at this differently?