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Re: Tilt-Up Wall Submittal Review

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Sending the submittal back with a note that it was not requested and thus was not reviewed is a good way to go.

If you feel you want an informational submittal, i.e. one that you do not return, ask yourself why you want it.  A possible reason could be you want something in the records showing that the contractor actually had a licensed engineer design the lifting.  Another reason might be that you need some information to verify weights placed on your structure are consistent with your design.

If you just want a record for the file do not check the loads.  Otherwise what you are saying is that your practice is to review part of the submittal but not tell anybody.  What do you do if you find something?

The key thing is to have a consistent policy and to implement it consistently.  You also must let others know what you will do, such as not review the submittal.  If something goes wrong the courts will in general not find you liable as long as you did what you said you would do and what your contract requires.  On the other hand if it comes out that you really reviewed these submittals they can use this as an opening to suggest that you took on a duty and did not fulfill your obligation to competently perform that work.  In this case open up your check book.

In the case of the loads and assumptions used for the tilt-up design, I see no reason to check these items.  No good is done.

Mark Gilligan

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