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RE: New and hopefully useful web site

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Chris, Jerry, Bill, Mark and all,

I think you guys are interpreting Richard Hess' comments in the wrong
way. I know Richard fairly well and I don't think he's criticizing
Chris' idea so much as making another point. Richard has offered us some
sage advice about constructability, load path, practical design and our
responsibility to produce drawings that are sufficient to show the
engineering intent. I have to say, as an engineer who has done just a
bit of forensic engineering and seen my share of sketchy, vague
structural drawings, his advice is well founded.

Yes, I know Richard Hess. He's a wise and experienced engineer. I think
Bill Allen probably knows him too. And yes Bill, we're starting to sound
like a bunch of old farts.
Happy Holidays. Good Cheer.
Dave Gaines

BTW, Good idea Chris. I look forward to your efforts.

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I wanted to address a few of the issues that have been raised.

Casey wrote:

"Compared with the IT industry, the structural engineering concepts can
be highly complex. Structural design is not based on the kind of "rule
of thumb" concepts that are common in a lot of other industries.

For these reasons, I believe posting ones' sample calculations online,
is not appropriate."

While I take your point, and understand where you're coming from,  I
feel like I need to point out that the examples that are out there
aren't put there as complete solutions that you just grab and blindly
use.  They're out there so that people can learn from one another.
Bits of code to illustrate a concept, not entire programs that can be
grabbed and blindly put into place.

In the same way, the goal of the site is not to put examples out there
that can be pulled and used blindly.  Nor do I think that would happen,
since in order to actually do anything with them, someone still has to
have a valid engineering license.

However, I do see a huge benefit in putting examples out there that can
be studied and discussed within the community, so that we can all learn.
I also think that such examples would be beneficial to students who are
trying to grasp some of the concepts, and can't afford design manuals
that generally cost at least a hundred dollars each.

On a personal note - Richard, while I'm not sure if this was your intent
or not, I felt like your response was a bit of an insult to me
for attempting something like this.   So you know, I grew up in
construction.  I recently finished  building my own home.  While I don't
begin to think that I know it all (on the contrary, I have a LOT to
learn), I also don't think that wanting to collaborate with other
engineers is the same as wanting to steal their spreadsheets and use
them blindly.  Nor do I think that using computers to assist in the
design process equates to sloppiness.



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