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Santa Monica Seminar

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Dear Ben (Yousefi) : Congratulation on organizing such a successful seminar on CBC. Are you planning to have it in the Bay Area as well? Best wishes as always. Hassan Astaneh, Professor UC-Berkeley
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I was at that seminar too, and I have to agree whole heartedly that this was a very good learning experience, in fact I would say it was better than the? last seminar I went to in Long Beach, in September.? Yes it was well organized, well presented, and covered the highlights of the code change.??? This is the type of seminars we need in the future, in the Los Angeles area, if possible.

Thank you Ben and Martin.

Andy Vidikan, PE

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Yesterday many structural engineers attended the 2007 CBC seminar (structural) at the City of Santa Monica.?
The seminar was perfectly organized and flawlessly executed.?The presentations by Ben Yousefi and Martin Johnson were right what they should be: intense - but quite entertaining and informal, concise - but touching the entire pertinent portion of the new code, informative - and concentrating on the most crucial areas, comprehensive - and pushing toward self-learning.? I? think that?most of about 100?engineers who attended the morning and the afternoon sessions will not need additional seminars on the subject.

The price cannot be beaten, and the quality of education was, I would say, at least not lower than at some of those pricey?affair$$$?offered by the industry.? In other words, the seminar was definitely worth spending 2.5 hours in traffic on the way?back :).???

It was also good to put faces behind some email addresses, and see some?old friends.

Bottom line - thank you, Ben.???

Happy Holidays,

V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA

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