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FW: Purdue University Co-Op Days Gift Donations

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This came from my Alma Mater, Purdue University.

FYI, a Co-Op student is one who alternates semesters working and going to

I actually think the program is great; I currently have five staff members
that have completed this program and are excellent engineers.

However, this email from the Campus coordinator shocked me.

Given the current state of the economy, I find it amazing that we need to
hand out "gifts" to get students to take paying internships.

David L. Fisher SE PE
Senior Director

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Subject: Purdue University Co-Op Days Gift Donations

David Fisher

Fisher and Partners


As you are aware we are busy preparing for Purdue University's Co-Op Days.
This year we have decided to invite you, our Co-Op Partners, to participate
in generating greater student interest in the Co-Op program.

We are planning to hold a drawing of prizes for students who attend either
the Workshop for Co-Op Applicants or the Co-Op Interview Workshop.  If your
company would like to expand your exposure on campus with our Co-Op
participants please consider what you would like to donate for the drawing.
In order to make the gift meaningful to our students, the value of the gift
should be not less than $50.

We will publish an article listing all donating companies and the Co-Op
recipient in our next Professional Practice Newsletter.

Please contact me if you are interested in donating and I will supply you
with our mailing information.  Please note we must receive all items by
January 9th.

Thank you

Barbara Albrecht
Recruitment Manager
Office of Professional Practice
Purdue University
550 Stadium Mall Dr.
Civil Engineering, Room 1259
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Ph:  (765) 494-0211
Fx:  (765) 494-7427

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