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RE: Snow drift

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    My new structure which is higher is basically only columns, beams and joists for a roof. There is enough difference in elevation that except for the columns the new structure will not block snow from blowing off the low roof.

Wesley C. Werner


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Snow drift loading is a combination of wind blown snow from above (i.e. a higher roof) which can be controlled via high parapets and or wind fences and wind blown snow from the lower roof getting blown up against the wall of the higher building, which is much harder to prevent. I don’t understand how you can have a lower roof abutting a newer high roof and wall and not have any “sides”


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    I am doing a preliminary design for an open structure next to an existing building. The new structure will be higher than part of the existing building. I don't want to surcharge the building with snow drift from the new roof. If I put a parapet around the new roof that is higher than the calculated windward drift height, do I have to consider snow drift on the low roof? There won't be a windward drift from the length of the low roof because the new structure doesn't have any sides for the snow to pile up against. My only concern is with snow blowing off the high roof.

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