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This is not technical matter, however it does impact how we do our work.  Our
company after 20 years finally developed a Personnel Manual three years ago.
One of the items that I would like to revise is the cell phone policy.  I
would allow cell phones only if (1) they are on silent or vibrate mode in the
office and the person uses it only in his/her office, (2) no cell phones in
meetings even if they are on vibrate (I can still hear them vibrate), and (3)
visitors would be asked to put their phones on silent/vibrate when coming
into the office.  The only reason I would allow the cell phones to be on in
the office is to free up the company phone lines (we have 4 lines and at
times all four are ringing).  


One of the other directors of the company wants to know what other companies
are doing.  To me, it does not matter we should establish our procedures as
we see fit.  However, to address his concerns, would you please take a few
minutes to answer the following questions.

1.	Does your company have a personnel manual?
2.	How many employees are in your company?  (We have 15).
3.	Does your company allow the use of cell phones in the office?

		*	Company provided phones?
		*	Personal phones?

4.	If so, are they required to be silent/vibrate mode?  Turned off?
5.	Are they permitted in meetings?

		*	On silent/vibrate mode only?
		*	Not at all?

6.	 Do you have signs asking visitors to turn off their cell phones?
7.	How do you enforce the policy?  Are you successful?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this informal survey.


Gary Loomis, PE

Master Engineers and Designers, Inc

Lynchburg, VA