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RE: Procedures

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I have not found cell phones to be a problem even in an open office situation.
What has been a problem is the receptionist paging people over the office intercom to take land line calls.  Research has shown that these announcements cause people to loose their focus for about 15 minutes on the average..  So given an office of 20 people with 50% focused on their work you will loose about 150 minutes of productivity.   Now compare this to the cell phone which should not be any more disruptive than a land line call.  More often than not the individual being paged is a principal who ends up disrupting the work of the staff.
The stricter you make the rules the more likely people are going to leave right at quitting time.  What is the benefit of an engineer staying an extra half hour to finish something at the end of the day and dosen't bother to bill you for the time.
A flexible office environment doesn't mean anything goes, it just means that you focus on the objectives and you talk to the employee if they abuse the flexibility.
Mark Gilligan

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