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RE: wood floor system for a Pool table

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We have a pool table here at the office (an old table with 1/2" slate), the floor system is open web Trus Joist product spanning near 30ft.  I am sure, with the age of the building, that the deflection is L/360.  With this system the floor does not seem to affect the game in general, but to get the table leveled we put a couple sheets of plywood under the table.  We do get some curving of the balls at slow speeds but I am pretty sure it is due the old 1/2” slate.


Remember to find out the type of table.  A lot of the new and better tables come with 1” to 1 1/2” of slate. 


For our type of table I think an L/480 would fine, but if it were my house I would not hesitate to go to L/600 or more.  The biggest part for me would be the sheathing; I would like see a thicker sheathing or 1 1/2" of deflection concrete to level the floor.





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I am working on engineering for a custom home where the billard table (pool table in bar speak) is on the second floor.

What floor deflection should be allowed to make sure the game can't be influenced by a bouncing floor???

any experience or reference to look at ? 



Tim Rudolph

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