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For the purposes of the wind diagrams in ASCE 7, yes.  The nominclature and labelling in the diagrams (i.e. the different zones) are "keyed" per the labels of longitudinal and transverse.  Thus, if you want the windward wall pressure for wind and lateral system parallel to the ridge line of a gable structure, then you are looking at the so-called longitudinal direction.  Just think of longitudinal as being a short way of saying "parallel to the ridge line" and transverse as being a short way of saying "perpendicular to the ridge line".
Adrian, MI
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Hello All:
When calculating the Wind loads Method 1ASCE 7-05.  Does the Longitudinal direction have to always be parallel to the ridge line and the Transverse direction be perpendicular to the ridge line ?
I do not find any comments either way in the manual. But I have been lost in the manual before.
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA

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