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Re: wood floor system for a Pool table

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The correct answer is that the pool table should not be placed on the second floor, and should be relocated to a slab on grade.  If the conditions are critical and you are being paid to design for the game, point this out, and provide a worst case unbalanced load slope which the owner should allow or reject. You should also verify that the natural, unloaded (little to no live load) frequency of the floor is greater than 10 hz, including both joists and beams. The steel design guide has the formulas which should work for everything.  Require the subfloor to be glued, and count it as a flange for stiffness calculations.

If you're just designing a custom residence that happens to have a billiards table, then go with L/480 for moderate spans (<20') and L/600 for longer spans.  If you have a beam in the space, design it for L/720.  This will provide a comfortable wood floor, with minimal vibration.  Don't be put off by the higher deflection criteria; they are very achievable with better lumber over short spans (consider using doubled joists before resorting to LVLs), and with steel (as a beam to break up the joist spans) over longer spans. 15 minutes of calcs and a phone call to determine if a stiff floor is worth the increased costs (usually less than $4/sf) is a valuable trade off for the premium floor response.

Pinyon Engineering wrote:
I am working on engineering for a custom home where the billard table (pool table in bar speak) is on the second floor.
What floor deflection should be allowed to make sure the game can't be influenced by a bouncing floor???
any experience or reference to look at ? 
Tim Rudolph
Pinyon Engineering
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