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Re: Concrete Strength Requirements for Residential Projects in SDC D or Higher

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Check ACI 332, Req'ts for Residential Conc. Const.  You'll have to read it, and maybe discuss w/ the building official to see what governs.  04 is current, but the 07 is now open for public review.

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Fellow Engineers -
Say one was designing a residential project in SDC D or higher with a daylight basement using concrete walls.  The residence above would be wood framed.  ASCE 7-05 says that the concrete walls have to be Special Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls because of the SDC D or higher.  ACI 318-05 Section says that you must use a minimum of f'c = 3,000 psi. Typically one would call out f'c = 2,500 psi for residential concrete so that you don't trigger special inspection, that is until I came across this.  Do either of you know of an exception to this for residential design? Perhaps in the IRC? I don't know the IRC too well.
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