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UFC 3-340-01 "Design and Analysis of Hardened Structures to Conventional Weapons Effects"

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I am doing a blast analysis of a structure located in a refinery, using SBEDS which is an Excel-based software solution maintained by the USACE. In a couple of places in the documentation, they references the manual as stated in the SUBJECT line of my message.

However, this publication isn't available online, unless you're a U.S. Gov't contractor actively working on government jobs. This is problematic, since much of the methodology in SBEDS is contained therein.

For example in one place they reference "the ultimate moment capacity of a reinforced concrete beam-column ... as defined by equations in Chapter 10 of UFC 3-340-01." I would seriously love to examine those equations but cannot as far as I know, because, again, I'm not privy to this information.

Has anyone run up against this or something like it, and how do you LEGALLY get around this restriction? Strange that a program in the public domain should be based on methodology that is literally a "federal secret."

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