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More "plan check" stuff ...

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Since we're currently in the mode of "plan check", I have a burning question:  Has anyone established any type of protocol in terms of what information from the code to specifcally note on the plans?  I believe the question is mostly related to "non-structural" notes, such as the following:
1.  "The minimum density of foam plastics used as signs shall not be less than 20 pounds per cubic foot."  [2007 CBC, Section 402.15.5.1]
2.  "Access doors shall be permitted in ceilings of fire-resistance-rated assemblies ... provided such are tested in according to ASTM E 119 ..." [2007 CBC, Section 711.3.2]
3.  "The means of egress illumination level shall not be less than 1 foot candle at the walking surface level."  [2007 CBC, Section 1006.2]
And on and on ...
To what extent does the statement, "All design and construction shall comply with the requirements of the 2007 California Building Code", remain valid w/o further clarification?  I can certainly understand if something is specifically called out incorrectly on the plans or in the technical specifications it needs to be corrected ... but if we were to simply identify (1) "Foam plastic sign", (2) "Access door", and (3) "Means of egress illumination source" for the above-mentioned examples, would that be incorrect?
Dave K. Adams, P.E., S.E.
Tulare, CA  93274