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Re: Out of Line Building Official?

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IMOH, based on (too) MANY years of dealing w/ BI's and CBO's:
Yes, you are pretty much correct.
Being correct doesn't help much when dealing w/ building officials. Reality is, depending on the circumstances, a BI is a very powerful person.  They can weild a big sword, and many like to do so.
There are a lot of things to consider in this situation.  1) Is this the CBO, or one of the minions?  A reasonable CBO will somtimes step in, if it can be done w/o making the BI look bad.  2) how big is the juristiction?  I live in a small community just outside of Dallas.  The CBO is a smooth talker, and has the volunteer City Council believing he walks on water as they are clueless, though he is quite an a-hole.  A larger community has requirements for the behavior of BI's.  3) Sometimes stroking the guy (ouch) can help BUNCHES.
Another reality; if you fight, you may win the battle, but you're likely to lose the war.

>>> On 1/8/2008 at 3:54 PM, "Gerard Madden, SE" <gmse4603(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I designed a building early last year. Submitted for permit in March 2007. l approved for permit with no plan check comments.

Owner priced it out, decided to scale back the project. Project was resubmitted in August 2007.

Plan checker, by telephone call, stated to the architect that all of the callouts on the structural foundation plan were incorrect. Architect informed me, I checked it, told him, no they are all correct.

Building official loses the structural sets and doesn't remember the comment, so we resubmit the exact same set in October 2007.
, wet stamped and signed (like all the previous submittals)

Client calls me today and says the building official has approved everythng in the plans (i.e. there was no mistake in the call outs of the foundation plan) but now since my stamp on the drawings expired 12/31/2007, he wants a new wet stamped and signed document by tomorrow or he will reject the project and make us start all over ( i.e., CBC 2007)

This seems completely out of line. The drawings, each time, were submitted with wet stamp and signature with the stamp that was valid. My renewal has occured, but I have not received my new stamp.

My understanding is that as long as the stamp was valid at the time of submittal, and no changes were made, there is no issue. Obviously, If I change something, I need to resubmit with my latest stamp.... but this seems like a guy overstepping his authority?