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RE: More "plan check" stuff ...

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The point was that while the code requires certain information be placed in the construction documents it does not specify that it be placed on the drawings.  You can comply and place the information in the specifications if you desire.

Organize your documents to make them as clear and consistent as possible.  Some information belongs on the drawings and some is more natural in the specifications.  Just because somebody missed something before does not mean that you will prevent the problem from occuring by placing and highlighting the information on the drawings.  After a while this can just result in a disorganized set of documents.

Look at the defination of specifications and drawings in AIA A201.  This should help clarify where to put the information.

If yu place too much on the drawings then people may get lazy and not look in the specifications thus causing problems when they miss something.  Remember others can screw things up no matter what you do.  Also use care not to place on the drawings information that is also covered in the specifications.

Mark Gilligan

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