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RE: Enercalc 6.0

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Quit whining about Enercalc, they are awesome. You are just putting them down
to mask your own insecurities.

Scott Haan BYOB, XYZ PDQ

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Subject: Enercalc 6.0

I just got an email from Michael Brooks, stating that they have "5,000 of ...
emails to send and it is very tedious. Lots of email bounces, questions, etc.
We are totally swamped."
Michael wrote that he already contacted Tony, and asked for my registration
number.  He wrote that he does not monitor the List, and asked me to post the
above information.
Looks like something on a bright side, for a change...
V. Steve Gordin, Ph.D.,
Registered Structural & Civil Engineer
Irvine CA
Tel. 949.552.5244 


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	Subject: Re: Lighter Loads in IBC vs. UBC and Enercalc 6.0

	I am still waiting for the long ago promised updated ENERCALC version
	Antonio S. Luisoni
	Consulting S.E.
	P.S. Did anybody receive it yet?????


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