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Re: Anchors

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Pray tell, how did you resolve these issues?


In a message dated 1/17/08 12:31:28 PM, dmorris(--nospam--at) writes:
Steve Gordin wrote:
> Sounds about right, especially given the latest actions by the Governator.
> But is Alaska - which I am in love with - any better?

> V. Steve Gordin, SE
> Irvine CA

Design wise the same.  We switched from the 1997 UBC to the 2000 IBC,
and then 2003 IBC and now the 2006 IBC.  Every comment made on this list
concerning anchorage to concrete was made up here some years ago. 
Likewise for wind loading using ASCE 7.  One joke was to have the
contractor get out a hacksaw and cut a notch into the anchor bolts to
insure ductile failures....

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