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Failure Modes for Split Ring Connections in Heavy Timber Trusses

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Title: Failure Modes for Split Ring Connections in Heavy Timber Trusses

Anybody know of a good source of information about failure modes of split ring connections in heavy timber trusses?  I am dealing with a WWII-vintage historical wood structure, consisting of enormous wood trusses, with split ring connections.  We have reason to suspect corrosion of the split rings may be occurring, since the environment is humid, and the wood was salt-treated for fire protection, and since we have detected severe corrosion of the bolts within the split ring connections.  Unfortunately, short of spending thousands of dollars in shoring, there is no way to get a direct visual inspection of the split ring connectors.  A firm I have been in contact with claims they are able to perform visual inspection of the joints (without disassembly), and detect whether split ring failure is impending.  Being unfamiliar with the modes of failure of this type of connection, I am not sure how to evaluate their claim.  Can a ductile failure be anticipated?  With plenty of warning signs?  Or could failure be sudden, without apparent warning?  Is there some useful body of information on the subject?

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