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RE: steel connection software

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    RISA Steel Connection? Where did you hear about that? I thought I kept up with the latest RISA software, but I haven't seen any information about that program.
    As for Descon, I have used it a little and like most of what I have seen. It can complete the design of a connection very quickly, but it can become a bit bulky if you try to modify its initial configuration. For instance, when I override a weld size it tends to revert back to its initial size after I print out a report. Also, getting the drawing of the connection to be legible can be a challenge. In theory you can grab dimensions and text and move them where you want them, but this doesn't always work real well in practice. The dimensions are often so close together that selecting the ones you want is hard. Exporting the dxf and modifying dimensions and text in AutoCAD is worse, though. All of the dimensions come in as lines and text rather than as a true dimensions. (These comments relate mostly to Descon Brace,  Descon Win's drawings aren't as complex as Brace's are, and therefore they are easier to modify.)
    For the record, I like Descon Win's integration with RISA 3D, and wish there was similar capabilities for Descon Brace.

Wesley C. Werner


From: Andrew Kester, P.E. [mailto:akester(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: steel connection software

If you are using a steel connection design and detail program, what are you using?
I am looking at Descon or may wait for RISA Steel Connection later this year. I looked online at Descon and the slides make it look perfect for what I need, and export dwg filed is DXF format. I only use RISA 2D for frame design, and neither will be linked or compatible anyway with RISA 2-D.... I am not interested nor do I need a complicated 3-D modeling program. Yet...
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