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Re: Styrofoam seal at plywood shear wall sill plate & bad EN

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Bill Allen wrote:


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There goes that whole rigid diaphragm of wood walls idea....add a new factor in the in-plan ewall deflection calc for rigidity...crushing of the styrofoam

Delta_sty = e^log23 * (coeff. per ASCE 7 section 128.1.5.a exception #3 ) x E of styrofoam x Phi


It isn't funny. Shear won't be a problem but if you put this stuff under a shearwall post it will crush under cycled loading. Premature failure of the nails at the bottom corner of the shearwall & excess deflection are almost certain. Make them remove it at the SW corners & & slide in a non-compressible shim.
Chuck Utzman, P.E.
p.s. On a somewhat related note--how do you guys deal with SW edge nailing over 350 plf when they fail to stagger the nails? I've been treating it like over-driven (add one for every two bad ones).


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