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re: alumn handrails from China

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I will stay away from a political discussion, but I have read lots of things about lack of quality metals and welds from China so just be cautious the whole way on this thing.
Also, we do engineering for steel and aluminium fabricators, and have had lots of issues making handrails work for the code lateral loads, especially when you get down to the posts. The rails themselves are usually OK. Also, aluminium welds decrease the strength of the base metal so you have to decrease your allowable stress of the material, and often the posts are welded to a base plate of some sort. We have had to tell our fabricator clients in spite of what they have done in the past they now have to use a bigger post, bigger welds, a sleeve over the post to get more section, etc.
Run the numbers if you are signing and sealing.... Or have them tested for the code loads but I don't know how that kind of testing works.
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