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RE: Retaining Wall Problem

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It is common in SF to resist growth, making it a bad place to consider investment for development. You are unlikely to gain access under another's building to allow land improvements.

I understand that the steel corkscrews have a shorter life than those systems that encase the tie rod in concrete. Maybe a permanent electric charge could reduce the "chance" of corrosion.

In SF, I end up using opposing retaining walls with floors in compression. I prefer concrete on metal deck floors but wood systems can be considered. The problem with wood floors is that one edge is usually without a retaining wall and so high shear forces are developed in the diaphragm to transfer to the sides with RWs

It is nearly impossible to not have retaining wall forces transfer into floors because the settling lateral deflections of a 14 foot RW. I see that the new Simpson has a solution for the new code requirement of extra connections for the wood sill to the top of a RW.

SF has expansive clays cantilever systems will move.

A crack survey of neighboring properties will limit the cost of repairing cracking to just new cracks. This is a process where all evidence of movement and cracking is measured and photographed and reported with the fact that every wall, floor and foundation length was inspected and that no evidence was missed. If the neighbor refuses entry for a crack survey the refusal can be used as evidence of a hostile neighbor.

David Merrick, SE

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