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IEBC Seismic Forces

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I’m reviewing code proposals for the IEBC (and its implementation in the IBC and IRC) and had a question regarding the determination of seismic forces. The current provisions direct you to use the seismic coefficients for an “Ordinary” system unless you can show your system meets the detailing requirements for an “Intermediate” or “Special” system.


That’s fine if I have a steel or concrete moment frame, or concrete or masonry shear wall. What about if I have a light-frame shear wall, EBF, or any other system that isn’t split in those three categories? Would the average code user (engineer or plan reviewer) just treat those systems as if they were classified as “Ordinary” and just make sure they meet the standard detailing requirements for that system. Or is someone out there going to read the code as saying you can’t apply the IEBC to non-moment frame, non-concrete/masonry shear wall system?





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