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Re: CMU Infills

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It is a standard practice to have movement joint between CMU infill walls and the structural frame. The joints are provided with suitable anchors to allow movement and with compressible filler and later sealed with elastic sealant. These are standard architectural details.
Rod Tayong

"Alex C. Nacionales" <anacionales(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Designing the frames for forces that will be created due engaging the infill CMU "infill" walls will be expensive. Creating a space between CMU infill  walls seems awkward. I wonder why a dangerous issue such as this was not taken care of by any structural code.
Alex C. Nacionales 
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Subject: RE: CMU Infills

I don't recall if there are actual code provisions, but there are certainly FEMA documents that discussion the issue of masonry infill walls in frames and how to retrofit or even design for them.  If I recall correctly, the main thing to try to do is leave enough isolation room between the frame and the infill walls to allow the frame to deflect as "desired" without "engaging" the infill wall...OR design the frame for the types of forces that will be created due to "engaging" the infill walls.
Adrian, MI
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Subject: CMU Infills

Dear Fellow Engineers,
     My RC design teacher has taught us has to ignore the effect of CMU infills on a RC frame because they will be crushed during a seismic event. Recent seminars I attended shows that cmu infills interferes with  frame action thus attracting more shear. Is there any code provision regarding on how to treat cmu infills in relation with RC frames or steel frames?
       Your assistance will much appreciated. Thanks.
     Alex C. Nacionales.

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