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If you mean the NEHRP provisions that are published as a FEMA document, then they are all nominally the same assuming you are dealing with "common" years.  The NEHRP provisions have historically been the basis of the seismic provisions use in newer US model building codes such as the IBC/ASCE 7.  The problem with the NEHRP provisions is that they typically are NOT written in "code like" language (aka mandatory language).  As such, the NEHRP provisions have been "converted" in the code like language and then used in the IBC directly (until the 2006 IBC) and ASCE 7 (which is now referenced by the 2006 IBC for seismic provisions).  Thus, the 2003 NEHRP provisions are nominally the basis of the seismic provisions of ASCE 7-05, which is then in turn reference as the seismic provisions of the 2006 IBC.  They are not all EXACTLY the same.  ASCE 7-05 will "modify" the 2003 NEHRP provisions some and the 2006 IBC will "modify" the ASCE 7-05 seismic provisions some, but the basic methodology and majority of the specific are the same if I recall correctly.
Adrian, MI
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What are differece of FEMA, ASCE, and IBC2006, in terms of seismic loading or seismic approach?

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