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Re: Time History Scaling

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David Francis Caballero wrote:
I'm very curious with thism thing, and i don't have any idea how complicated it is. Can anyone teach how to do this stuff? What parametersa nd/or  are needed? What is the best guide in doing it? What formula i should study.
I'm currently using UBC97 for seismic loadings, i'm confuse in using IBC2006, parameter are different, how can i relate my data on UBC97 to IBC2006? I hope you can teach me i detailed.
When you say "time history," you're typically talking about the response of a structure to a known dynamic excitation, either a harmonic or transient impulse loading.

An example of a harmonic loading would be an elevated foundation for a reciprocating or rotating machine, which imparts a known or readily assumed cyclic loading.

An example of transient impulse loading would be a blast or explosion in proximity to the structure.

Typically, this is not what you do for seismic analysis. It is more typical to consider a spectrum of maximum responses for a given location in the frequency domain, and then use a response spectrum analysis procedure which determines the frequency response of the structure and compares it to the spectrum of responses to estimate the critical effects.

Since I'm not an expert in this by any means, I cannot say that there is no situation where a "time history" analysis wouldn't be appropriate, but to my knowledge this is not the typical way seismic design is done per the current model building codes.
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