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CONCRETE: Hot Base Plate Bearing on Concrete

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I have a "base ring" of a skirt-supported vessel. They have "changed" the insulation requirements on the thing which is expected to mean that the base ring will now get "pretty hot" on a cyclic basis (i.e. in an 18-hour cycle it will go from ambient to "very hot" back to ambient again; repeat ad infinitum).

They're asking me "how hot can the concrete stand?" They're working on the FEA for the heat flow now, so I don't have the temp yet, but I'm wondering for reference: how hot before we might have to worry? This is a very thick elevated slab - nominally six feet in thickness - with a large octagonal opening over which the equipment is situated; the closest the opening gets is a couple of feet from the ring.

I'm tempted to tell them to include the big chunk of concrete in their FEA, and tell me what the gradient(s) is/are.

Any comments?
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