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RE: Bridges

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The January issue of ASCE news has a front page article that emphasizes the importance of infrastructure maintenance.  It is a review of a speech by Stephen E. Flynn, Fellow for National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Flynn provides a rationale for paying attention to infrastructure as a domestic security issue, assigning appropriate priority to infrastructure, and maximizing the participation of people who occupy & use elements of infrastructure in safeguarding it.


Nels’ take: Instead of seeing ourselves as burdened and helpless taxpayers poorly served by our representatives & bureaucrats, we need to be encouraged to understand our infrastructure and find our role in maintaining its serviceability.  This certainly includes being, as Richard says, discerning in what and who we vote for, as well as speaking up to those we vote in; Flynn says to find things to do.


Nels Roselund, SE


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The taxpayers are already paying taxes to do this but the money is instead being used for misguided social programs that get votes even though they make things worse.  As one example, in a recent meeting someone asked an engineer for the Los Angeles Unified School District why their new buildings cost three to four times per square foot more than equivalent office buildings.  His response was that it improved learning skills although the trend is actually in the opposite direction.

Therefore it might be better to persuade people (i.e. taxpayers) to be more discerning in what and who they vote for.

Richard Hess

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Sure, persuade people (i.e., taxpayers) that nothing's free and if you want your infrastructure to not fall apart you have to pay the taxes necessary for that. 

Basic economics, not to mention engineering.


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Our bridges.
Can anything be done?
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA

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