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Re: Gross overturning

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Matthew wrote:

It is not the policy; the plan checker is insisting that it is common practice to use a 1.5 F.O.S. Every design professional, including himself, he was talked to uses 1.5 when using loads at ASD level. The shear walls range from 1.15-1.2, it would be extremely costly to get a 1.5 F.O.S. Can anyone offer advice on convincing him that he is wrong? :)

On Jan 31, 2008 10:16 AM, Steve Gordin <sgordin(--nospam--at) <mailto:sgordin(--nospam--at)>> wrote:

    There is none.  For seismic, everything about 1.0 is OK.  I
    usually use not less than 1.2.
    It may be a city policy, then you are out of luck.
V. Steve Gordin, SE
    Irvine CA

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        I have a plan check comment stating that a 1.5 F.O.S. is
        required for gross overturning on any building shear wall from
        seismic loads at ASD level.  The project is under the 97 UBC;
        I have been unable to find any code section that requires a
1.5 F.O.S, the only requirement is for earth retaining walls. Could anyone please comment on where I can find the section? Or how they have resolved a similar situation? Thank you

Look at the load combinations in Section 1612. Depending whether wind or seismic controls, the FOS could be as low as 1.0 (D+W) or (.9D+E/1.4).

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