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Re: Welding of studs through deck to steel beams

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I was a field engineer on a job where ordinary composite
floor deck was lapped on top of steel beams. 
Studs were than welded through the two layers of deck onto the top
flange.  A lot of the welds didn't work
because water from rain and dew had wicked between the two layers of deck and
between the deck and the beam.  Also, the
operator didn't adjust the power on his welder properly.  I think the beams were primed but can't
remember for sure.


It was educational to walk on the deck beside a row of studs
and tap each one with a light sledge hammer. 
The good ones gave of a "ping" and the bad ones gave off a
"klunk" and fell over.  I will
do this on all my jobs where I have the opportunity and would make that suggestion
to you.




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