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Hey Christopher,
Thanks for the reply.  I'll have to follow up with Hilti about the use of A 240 material as a stainless steel washer.  Certainly the use of a washer for a concrete anchor is different than use in a structural steel connection.
I found in ASTM F 1077 "Standard Guide for Selection of Committee F16 Fastener Specifications" that there are no ASTM designations that cover stainless steel washers.  There are designations for SS bolts, nuts, hex cap screws, socket head screws, socket button and flat screws, and studs.  Just don't ask for stainless washers.
I guess that leaves one with using F 436 Type 3 washers.

Christopher Wright <chrisw(--nospam--at)> wrote:

On Jan 29, 2008, at 6:46 PM, Benjamin Maxwell wrote:

> The best approach I've seen is specifying stainless steel plate
> material ASTM A 240 AISI types 304 or 316 - depending on your
> application, with the washer dimensions conforming to ANSI B18.22.1
> Type A Plain. This was taken from the Hilti Product Technical
> Manual. Simpson and Powers have similar stuff, but not as detailed.
A-240 plate is supplied annealed--probably too soft for a washer
unless you're using it for something besides a washer. F-436 may have
more on washers for use with stainless fasteners.

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