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RE: More wierd Bldg Dept. requests

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It is not unheard of for the building department to require submission of changes to the permit documents as they are issued.  If you do not get signoff on the modification before it is implemented you and the owner could be sticking your neck out if the building official finds problems at the end of the job.  This practice is the norm for hospital and public school projects in California.

You do not have to submit the RFIs that did not result in a change to the permit documents.  Some times the way you respond to the RFI can make the difference between a change or clarification.

If you adopt the practice of making the changes on the original CAD files and Xrefing the revised portion of the drawing into a 8.5x11 of 11x17 drawing that is issued with the RFI then you only need submit your sketches or the revised drawings.  When I make changes I will submit only the revised sketches and not the RFIs.  The building official only needs your revisions and not the RFIs.

With regard signing the shop drawings (and not design-built components), go to the building official and say no.  It will not happen.   If it is still a problem, after the building department has signoff on the RFI's and other changes to the permit documents, take the position that you have satisfied the requirements of the permit and demand that the certificate of occupancy be issued.  The building official really has no option unless he wants to be personally liable for costs to the Owner for delays in opening..  

Signing of the steel shop drawings could allow the Contractor to get off the hook if there were differences between the shop drawings and the contract documents.

Mark Gilligan

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