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Re: Use 8d nails or 10d nails for Structural Panel Shear Walls

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Szuchuan Chang wrote:
I am re-tooling to 2007 CBC wood design.  Many items need to be updated.

Many years ago, I was told to stay with 8d and 16d nails (common) as
much as possible.  In Doug Thompson's design example 1A, page 19,  in
the SDM Vol 2, he uses 10d nails on 4" o.c. with 510 plf allowable
shear.  It looks to me that he has been using 10d nails since the 1997
UBC examples.  I must be very out of date!

If Simpson Strong-tie's SSN10 nails (shorter than the real 10d) are
used in these applications, the 10d nails make sense.  It would be
easier to drive into the studs.

My question is: "Are most of the plywood shear walls are specified
with 10d nails these days in your office standards?"


Sam Chang

PS:  Seems like a lot information on staples.  Are they more commonly
used over the nails in the state of California now?

We use 8d nails unless there is a case where 10d nails will work and there is not a Simpson Strong Wall or equivalent product that will work. Also, we allow the substitution of 14 ga staples for 8d nails where possible. There are cases that 8d @ 4" oc will work, but not 14ga staples at the same spacing.

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