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I'm curious about your comment regarding DBAs.
By my take, deformed wire reinforcement has been covered by the UBC for quite some time. I even found it referenced as far back as the '76 UBC Standards (26-6) - that's the oldest Standards copy we have in our office.
My understanding is that the bar material is covered by ASTM A 496 and the welding of the bar to structural steel is covered by AWS D1.1 Chapter 7 as a Type C stud (see Table 7.1).
I've never had an issue with a building official commenting that DBAs are not covered by the codes.
Is the issue you've encountered that the model codes do not specifically address the use of A 496 welded to structural steel?

Mark Gilligan <m_k_gilligan(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Deformed bar anchors are not forrmally recognized by the building code. Welding of A706 rebar is not a DBA. Thus formally to use a DBA the building official needs to accept it as an alternate product.

Nelson and another firm have ICC Evaluation Reports which most building departments will accept without question. If you require compliance with one of these evaluation reports you do not need to specify the material or welding process used.

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