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Shrinkage of flowable fill against a stone wall

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I am looking to fill a crawl space between stone foundation walls with flowable fill.  But I'm concerned about potential shrinkage of the flowable fill and pulling in on deteriorating stone walls.  One of the goals is to secure the walls at the inside and protect them from further deerioration.
Options we have considered at the stone are:
1. place an 8" concrete wall/curb on the inside of the stone to protect it and bind the cobbles together. Then fill the area between with flow fill.
2. drape a plastic sheet on the stone wall to prevent bonding.  This would also prevent the fill from filling all of the gaps in the stone.  Not ideal.
3. Fill holes in the stone with conrete patch and then fill with flow fill.
4. Just fill as is and not worry about the flow fill affecting the wall.
The fill will be about 40'x80', 12"-18" deep.  The foundations support triple wythe brick walls about 24' tall supporting the roof of a church.  The outsides of the walls are several feet below ground.
Am I overreacting about consequences?  Or is there a potential for damage at the interface between old and new? The 8" concrete curb would be a plus, especially if it is reinforced.  But is the extra cost necessary?
I appreciate any insite into flow fill curing behavior and opinions on our detail options.
Jim Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA