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Re: Soils Reports (continued)

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I'm in an on-going dialog with our local CBO in an attempt to convince him to allow the EOR to continue our past practice of using S_D unless he has some reason to suspect the presence of poor soil, ground water, etc. (as listed in 1802.2.1 thru 1802.2.6) at the site. (some local CBO's apparently have agreed). One citation is: The 2006 IBC Structural/Seismic Design Manual states of pg. 4 "Without a geotechnical investigation, Site Class D shall be used."
Chuck Utzman, P.E.
p.s. It looks like the EOR will have the discretion to decide what needs Special Inspection for residential work (Sec. 1701.1 exception 3). Am I reading that right?

Dave Adams wrote:
One other thing I noticed and am wondering if PERHAPS there is a misprint in the IBC. ASCE 7-05 allows the building official to WAIVE the requirement for a site-specific soils report for ALL seismic design categories C - F (Section 11.8.2) ... unless I'm missing something, which is entirely possible. IBC Section 1802.2 does NOT allow the building official to waive the soils report requirement for SDC D - F. Is the "exception" listed at the beginning of 1802.2 POSSIBLY in error, as it restricts the user to 1802.2.6 (SDC C)? ??????????

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