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Re: Shrinkage of flowable fill against a stone wall

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Two options: can you spray the stone with release compound prior to placing the flowable _or_ can you ask that the ready-mix plant prescribe a shrinkage compensating admixture.  The first may have material interaction/odor issues, the second is probably an unusual request, as sc admixtures are normally used in full-strength slab mixes, though. I wouldn't be surprised to find someone has tried a sc admix in flowable as part of a shallow underpinning project.

Jim Wilson wrote:
That is good advice, but that is not what the question is about.  Water issues were addressed more than 50+ years ago with grading and pavement around the structure.  Our goal now is to effectively bury the wall with flowable fill to create a level surface for installation of a new slab with radiant heat.  The concrete fill will secure and encapsulate the wall for the long term.  I suspect that flowable fill might have some substantial shrinkage given the mass and area.  That's where my concern lies.
For what its worth, a restoration mason has consulted and is on board with the concepts.  He does not have an opinion about flow fill shrinkage effects, if there are any.

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