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RE: Question about Shear wall aspect ratio

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To be more specific, such products do not fall under the provisions of Chapter 23 directly as they are not directly addressed.  As such, they fall under the "alternative materials" provisions in an earlier chapter, which requires testing to be done by a third party testing entity and then approved for use by the local code official.  It should be noted that ICBO/ICC-ES reports are NOT code approvals...they are third party evaluation reports.  Those reports are supposed to "evaluate" compliance with the intent of the code of a product/alternative material so that a code official can then decide if that product will be permitted to be used.  The approval for use is STRICTLY the providence of the local code official.  Now, from a practical point of view, if there is an ICC-ES evaluation report for a product, then most code officials will approve the use of that ends up being just a mere formality.  But, there are some code jurisdictions that don't accept just ICC-ES reports (I believe Santa Monica is one if I recall correctly)...but require more (such as COLA reports).
Adrian, MI
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The code requires the shear walls to meet the aspect ratio of table 2305.3.4.  The manufactured shear walls – Simpson, hardy frame – as used in most design, does not meet this requirement.    Is this an issue some of you are facing and how do you go around the building department that is requesting that the code aspect ratio requirement be met.  The code does not waive the aspect ratio requirement for walls tested for dynamic loads.

Simpson, Hardy Frame, etc. have ICBO ES ER Approvals. I never had any problems with a Building Dept. regarding that.
Antonio S. Luisoni
Consulting SE