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RE: Shop Drawings

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Back when I had to do shop drawing review (I am now on the darkside where the shop drawings are prepared), we got in the habit of requiring only one blueline set and one sepia.  The blueline set would be the "markup set" and then we would transfer the marks to the sepia set and make a record set for ourselves and then send the sepia set back, which they could use to make as many copies as they wanted.  We had decided that we did not want to spend all that time and effort to transfer marks to 3 or more sets.
I would add that if you are transferring marks to the other sets, then I would suspect that it is cheaper for you to print out one set to mark up from email and then make what ever copies of the marked up set you need than it is to pay some engineer in your office to spend an hour or more transferring marks to multiple sets that they sent in.
Now, if you want to be a stickler about things, you could hold the job up stating that they did not sent the drawings in as required.  It might get what you want, but then you might also piss off some people, including your client.  It is all a question of choices and how much you want to rock the boat...and that is only something that each person can decide for themselves.
Adrian, MI
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Subject: RE: Shop Drawings

Someone has to do the hard copy anyway ... for those with the facilities, it seems more economic to do them in-house from emails.  Other way needs courier etc.  Maybe state, at contract time, in what form it will be received ... ?

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, MIStructE, Struct Eng
Victoria, BC

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Subject: Shop Drawings

I was wondering how people are handling the latest "innovation" where shop drawings are now e-mailed out instead of the normal process where an office may get 3 or 4 (or more) hard copies. Some of the projects can be fairly extensive with shop drawings. My general notes include one indicating that I am to receive a minimum of 3 sets of shop drawings for whatever is applicable (reinforcing steel, structural steel, etc.). There can be a substantial cost (both in time required and paper involved). It seems as though it is one more item that's being forced on the engineer of record.

Domenic DeAngelo P.E.

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