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Minimum edge distance OR back to the treated lumber question.....

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What is the allowable edge distance for a 10d or 8d Common nail in D.F. lumber parallel to grain? Also, what is the minimum distance from the nail to the end or edge of a plywood panel to prevent splitting. If I started with two panels joined on a horizontal diaphragm over a 2x joist with 1/8” gap per APA requirement for panel expansion, the remaining lap is 11/16-inch. How much of this is actually needed.


Of course my question goes back to using a 3x6 Pressure Treated Mud-sill against a foundation or slab on grade which is only 6-inches clear from finished soil. Is there sufficient room to lap ½” of the plywood over the 3x plate and boundary nail without splitting the sill plate or the end of the plywood panel (assume ¼-inch clearance to centerline of nail). I am only assuming a boundary nailing of 6-inch on center and not closer at this point just to see if I can resolve this conflict.