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RE: Minimum edge distance OR back to the treated lumber question.....

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Thanks Gerard,

I spoke to the client who had the same suggestion but we did not know how available PT sheathing is out here. He would use a 3/8” panel for conventional construction while I never specify anything other than a five ply 15/32” panel. I will ask him to check since I could go with a 3x PT mudsill with conventional studs as long as the sheathing is pressure treated. This will work and is less costly than using a Wolmanized spacer on a concrete extension when it is a remodel where the concrete (2”) would be in contact with wood.

3/8” is the edge distance I normally use as well, but this is the distance from the edge of the joist/stud/mudsill to the centerline of nail (parallel to grain). This leaves 5/16” to the edge of the plywood and while this works it is probably easier to use the 3x PT Sill w/ the PT Sheathing and conventional DF Studs. I did throw in my recommendation for a 5-ply panel when I found out that the client will be power nailing his panels in place. He asked about using the PT sheets for only a smaller strip at the bottom, but by the time he blocks the wall at the panels (assuming the blocks are staggered, his labor rate is going to shoot up and he might as well pay the price for full sheets. I asked him to call his supplier to get a price for comparison.


G – I’m getting my fingers warmed up again. I think I see a change of profession coming :>)





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Subject: Re: Minimum edge distance OR back to the treated lumber question.....


Use PT Sheathing and go down to 6" (DSA used to allow this when they had a 12" clearance requirement (Using PT Sheathing, you could go to 6") or use a small strip of sidewalk against it and use Sheet metal flashing instead of soil. DSA now has the same 8" clearance as the normal building code.

Edge distances for nailing is not something that is quantified that I know, but I like to have 3/8" min from edge of stud to C.L. of nail for 8d's


On Feb 7, 2008 4:31 PM, Dennis Wish <dennis.wish(--nospam--at)> wrote:

What is the allowable edge distance for a 10d or 8d Common nail in D.F. lumber parallel to grain? Also, what is the minimum distance from the nail to the end or edge of a plywood panel to prevent splitting. If I started with two panels joined on a horizontal diaphragm over a 2x joist with 1/8" gap per APA requirement for panel expansion, the remaining lap is 11/16-inch. How much of this is actually needed.


Of course my question goes back to using a 3x6 Pressure Treated Mud-sill against a foundation or slab on grade which is only 6-inches clear from finished soil. Is there sufficient room to lap ½" of the plywood over the 3x plate and boundary nail without splitting the sill plate or the end of the plywood panel (assume ¼-inch clearance to centerline of nail). I am only assuming a boundary nailing of 6-inch on center and not closer at this point just to see if I can resolve this conflict.