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Re: Shop Drawings

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Having a small office, I have a problem with storage. The office is full, so the old stuff goes home to the basement ( for you people in the warm bottom half of the continent, a basement is a large concrete lined hole in the ground under a house). I specify that shop drawings should be in CAD preferably 11x17; for those still doing manual drawings, I specify that they are to be scanned and submitted by e-mail or on CD. I still get the odd illiterate who brings or sends X hard copies. I mark up the drawings and then scan the 11x17's in house and send the large sheets to an outside copy service for scanning-$0.35 per sq ft. There are cheaper services in the next city but my service is about 1.5 miles away. In turn, this saves me storing piles of drawings, courier fees, printing out lots of copies and best of all saves a lot of time looking for drawings that have been forgotten and buried or whatever. I just look up the scanned drawings in the archives. Case in point: lost customer drawings last week-took an hour to find them.
Others in my area are starting to go this way.
PS; I hate it when other consultants ask my contractor customers for 5 or 6 sets of drawings. I prepare one set which I sign and seal and then make additional photocopies and then you have to courier those.

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I was wondering how people are handling the latest "innovation" where shop drawings are now e-mailed out instead of the normal process where an office may get 3 or 4 (or more) hard copies. Some of the projects can be fairly extensive with shop drawings. My general notes include one indicating that I am to receive a minimum of 3 sets of shop drawings for whatever is applicable (reinforcing steel, structural steel, etc.). There can be a substantial cost (both in time required and paper involved). It seems as though it is one more item that's being forced on the engineer of record.

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