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RE: Yet another Wind question

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I wasn't really meaning to comment on the application of MWFRS pressures
to C&C elements. 

I sometimes hear the argument that C&C pressures must be applied to all
MWFRS elements with a TA less than 700sf. I was just pointing out that
the definition of MWFRS elements is based on function and not related to

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"The tributary area of 700sf is not a part of the definition of MWFRS
but is
a helpful exception that allows C&C elements with TA larger than 700sf
to be
treated as MWFRS. As you say, if the intent is there then the rules
be revised."

That is what we (or at least I) was talking about.  The point is the
tables can end up getting used for MORE than just MWFRS pressures.  For
items with large trib areas, you end up using the MWFRS pressures for

You are correct in that such an element would NOT be a MWFRS
would still be a C&C ELEMENT.  That distinction is determined by its
function as you pointed out.  But, the point was that some C&C ELEMENTS
large enough that you use MWFRS PRESSURES to design it.

It is an important distiction even if it ultimately just semantics (you
really care if it is a MWFRS or C&C element to determine which method is
used to determine pressures...thus, it matters little where you CALL an
element a MWFRS or C&C element if it ultimately using the MWFRS method
get the wind design pressures).


Adrian, MI

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