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Moving Walkway Seismic Restraint

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A current project of ours incorporates a moving walkway on a pedestrian bridge.  The project is at the high end of Seismic Design Category C and thus seismic forces are substantial.  However, the moving walkway manufacturer insists that the walkway will impart no lateral load to our supporting steel structure.  They are willing to put this in writing, but I am not comfortable with a 63,000 pound piece of equipment sitting on my structure without a defined seismic load path.  Calculations using the non-building sections of ASCE 7 indicate lateral forces on the order of 50 kips, which is quite different from zero.

Does anyone have any experience with moving walkway installations?  I am particularly interested to know if anyone has received horizontal (seismic) reactions for such a walkway, particularly in California or other high-seismic areas.  Any suggestions on how to extract this information from the manufacturer would also be appreciated.

Daniel R Popp, S.E.