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RE: CMU Bond Beam at Control Joint

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Hi Paul;
	We always break the horizontal reinforcing at a defined masonry
control joint and keep continuous reinforcing bars at floors and roof bond
beam for chords and collectors.  I have seen long expanses (more that twenty
feet) of masonry walls experience cracking just like reinforced concrete
walls.  We typically try to space masonry control joints at 20' on center or
	We don't typically do buildings higher than three stories, though.
	Take care,

Terry Weatherby
Engineering and Design
Jackson, California

From: Paul Blomberg [mailto:paul.blomberg(--nospam--at)] 
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 2:34 PM
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Subject: CMU Bond Beam at Control Joint

We have another office debate going on and I would like to hear opinions of
others.  For a fully grouted wall, what do you do at the horizontal
reinforcing (bond beam) at the vertical control joint.  
? Do you keep the horizontal reinforcing continuous and grout solid (makes
for good chord steel)?  
? Do you break the horizontal reinforcing on each side of the joint (provide
chord steel via deck ledger angle)?  
? Do you replace the deformed bar with a smooth dowel and break the bond on
one side of the sleeve?
? Do you break the horizontal reinforcing except keep it continuous at
floors and roof bond beam?
It seems there are as many approaches as there are opinions!

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