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Re: Pre-$%!#&#& metal buildings

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                        As an engineer for a subcontractor that does a significant amount of structural design, I have some comments that may help.

                        We often provide foundation loads before we bid a project.

                        We occasionally miss something in the specifications or drawings when we bid. I do not know what fraction of projects, rather low, but it happens.

                        Occasionally, we see something during estimating that we do not like so we figure out a way around it that we think is equivalent to what the structural engineer (or other design professional) wanted. We qualify our bid with that. Rarely does the SER see that qualification before we are awarded the project and send an RFI to confirm the acceptance of the different approach.

                        And occasionally, we learn that we estimated from obsolete drawings after we get the project – this is probably least frequent.

                        We really do not try to annoy the architect and engineer, and you might think that the overall goal of a safe structure within the budget would unite us all, but there are too many competing interests for that to happen often.


            James L. Getaz, III

            Chief Engineer

            Shockey Precast Group

            Winchester, Virginia