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RE: Is a garage partially open, open or closed?

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If the doors and windows are not rated for the design wind pressure then the building is probably partially enclosed regardless. If the doors are properly rated then I think the code would allow the designer to presume that the doors will be closed during the design event. I don’t have a book, chapter and verse for that though.


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Subject: Is a garage partially open, open or closed?


Many people leave their garage door open. If this is true, the is the uplift due to wind applied to the entire bottom of the roof framing plus the eaves? If the garage door is open only part of the time (entry and leaving or while working in the garage) how is it treated?


This is a residential two car garage I am referring to. If considered open then the possibility for uplift affecting the roof is a greater risk. My neighbor keeps his garage open while mine is mostly down. I don’t think it is an issue of what people can do but rather how the code interpretet's the structure. Is there a table that I am missing that references residential garages and how to treat them in relationship to wind?